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Is irritability a hidden sign of depression?

An article by Northern Beaches Psychologist, Leanne Carter.

Some days things just seem too much to bear, right? Life can throw so many demands at us. Work, relationships, parenting, finances – the list of stressors is endless. Have you ever had the feeling that nothing is going your way, and everything (big or small) seems to bother you? Some days our irritability tolerance is low and small things, like not being able to find your hair brush (taken by your child) will tip you over the edge!

Are you feeling irritable more frequently or with increased intensity?

Whilst feeling irritable is normal and often relevant, if it’s occurring too frequently and with too much intensity, it may be a sign that something else is going on. Irritability can be a sign that we are experiencing depressed mood and it is worth keeping track of our anger outbursts. All emotions serve a purpose and there is nothing wrong with being irritable or angry. It is only a problem when these feelings impact our daily functioning.

Irritability in children

Whilst irritability is not a diagnostic criterion for depression in adults, it is in children. Why is this? Are children simply better at expressing whatever feeling comes up? As adults do we hide our anger or irritability? Is it more acceptable to be sad than angry?

Pay attention to your irritability radar

So pay attention to your irritability radar, is it being activated too readily and impacting your happiness? If irritability is increasing and you are also feeling a sense of emptiness, and hopelessness, have lost interest in activities, have difficulties with concentration or decision-making, or feel worthless, then maybe you are experiencing some depression.

But don’t fear it, recognise it and talk to a professional to find strategies to manage your emotions. Balanced Psychology can assist in assessing your symptoms and implementing practical strategies to better manage your mental health.

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For more information about treating escalating irritability, anxiety, depression or stress, contact psychologist Leanne Cater directly.

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