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Deciding to seek support and taking the first steps to talk to someone can be daunting. We now have access to the world wide web and can search for almost anything and find numerous answers and information. When looking for support options, most of us will turn to Google first. This can have its pros but also cons. With some much information out there, we can get inundated with information overload!

Who should I see?

What treatment options are there? Do I need a referral?

Access to mental health support can be complicated. A good place to start is to ask others, perhaps your friend can recommend someone. Word of mouth is a great advertising tool and a helpful way to get firsthand reviews. But bear in mind, what works for one will not always work for others. The most important part of the healing process is the relationship you establish with the person sitting opposite you.

Doctors and GPs

Your GP is another useful resource, they will have connections with helping professionals in your local area. So, who do I see? A counsellor, psychologist, or psychiatrist even. Here is some information about each and their similarities and differences.


Psychologists are required to study for a minimum of six years, entirely at university or with some work placements. Psychologists are trained in mental health assessment and treatment, focusing on human behaviours. Psychologists cannot prescribe medication, although they may recommend such treatment options. Your GP can prescribe mental health medication or they can refer you to a psychiatrist.


Psychiatrists are doctors that study medicine and then specialise in mental health treatment. They can provide counselling, but their main roles are to provide mental health assessment for the purpose of prescribing medication. Psychiatrists are a combination of your GP and psychologist in one!


Counsellors are helping professionals that can study at numerous institutions like TAFE or private colleges. Unlike psychologists, who have strict regulation guidelines, counsellors do not have to meet minimum study standards. Counsellors often provide brief interventions and can refer to psychologists when more complex mental health concerns arise.

Medicare Rebates

Both counsellors and psychologists will help you address problems, however, the benefit of seeing a psychologist is that with a mental health care plan, you can access a rebate from Medicare. Making it more affordable for longer-term interventions and support. With any profession, there are some great individuals and some average ones. The only way to find out is to make and appointment and take that first step.

More information

For more information about Northern Beaches’ mental health resources, contact Leanne directly.

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About Balanced Psychology and Counselling Northern Beaches

Balanced Psychology Northern Beaches is located at Suite 9, 2a Redman Road, Dee Why.  At Balanced Psychology, we believe that you and your concerns are unique and therefore tailor our assessments and interventions to suit your individual specific needs.

Leanne Cater, is a fully registered Northern Beaches psychologist and has been registered with the Psychology Board of Australia since 2006. She is also a member of the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc (APPi), a governing body that is committed to maintaining the standard and reputation of the psychology discipline and profession in Australia. Over her career, Leanne has worked in numerous settings including hospitals, community mental health centres and within the correctional system.

Free, timed street parking is available on Redman Road. Parking is limited to 60 minutes. Ensure you check signage as time restrictions may differ. Leanne works with clients throughout the Northern Beaches and North Shore including Brookvale, Manly and Frenchs Forest.

Medicare rebates and Telehealth appointments are available. Make an appointment by calling 0410-922-187.