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Regain stability and balance.

Everyone experiences personal difficulties at some stage in their life which can impact upon their ability to cope, their physical wellbeing and their mental health.

By working together, we can assist you to better understand your problems and move toward effective resolutions, improve your coping skills, alleviate distress and maximise your potential so you can regain stability and balance in your life.

Our clinic is located in Redman Road, Dee Why. 

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Tailored psychology

At Balanced Psychology we believe that you and your concerns are unique and therefore tailor our assessments and interventions to suit your specific needs.

Evidence based counselling

We engage in evidence based practices and are skilled in the application of various psychological modalities such as cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused therapy, motivational and mindfulness techniques, and interpersonal and psychodynamic therapies.

Assessment and management

Balanced Psychology has extensive experience in the assessment and management of psychological illnesses and disorders including mood and anxiety disorders such as depression, bipolar, generalised anxiety, panic attacks, specific phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Adjust to life’s changes

We can assist you with concerns such as adjustment to life changes, vocational stress, grief, addictive behaviours, relationship or interpersonal problems and provide skills training in areas such as communication, assertiveness, problem-solving and stress management.