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Accessing a psychologist via Telehealth

An article by Northern Beaches Psychologist, Leanne Carter.

Wow, what a journey the last few years have been! So many new words added to our vocabulary: Covid, self-isolating, lockdown and RAT tests. Our world and reality certainly have shifted.

Covid made us realise we shouldn’t take our mental health for granted.

Perhaps we learnt to appreciate the small things more, like time with (or without) family due to lock downs and isolating. Simple pleasures like a walk with a friend or a coffee sitting in a café. Covid perhaps made you realise not to take your health and wellness for granted and to look after yourself both physically and mentally.

Telehealth, Medicare and access to a psychologist.

For mental health intervention, Covid helped the government realise that more access was needed to counselling and therapy. One of the benefits of covid for psychology was the introduction of telehealth. This option meant individuals could now access a psychologist via phone or video, to get support whilst being stuck at home.

Whilst telehealth was not a new treatment option, it was not approved by the government for Medicare rebates from psychologists. During the covid pandemic, the government approved video or phone sessions as eligible under Medicare. This was a massive win for not only the community but for mental health treatment options.

How do I set up Teleheath?

You may have some questions about telehealth, like how do I set it up? What about confidentiality and who can access my online information?

Balanced Psychology utilises the HealthDirect platform to provide video sessions, approved and endorsed by the government. It is a more secure platform than Zoom or Skype.  HealthDirect is accessible on your phone, laptop, or PC and is easy to use. Or if technology is not your strong point, the humble telephone is also an option for a phone session.

Face to face and virtual counselling.

Whilst face-to-face counselling would be the preferred treatment option, now with access to telehealth, individuals can access counselling in ways that are more suited to their needs. Perhaps a video session can ease your worries about attending counselling. A phone call can build rapport and you can gauge your level of connection with the therapist before meeting in person.

More information

Balanced Psychology offers telehealth appointments as well as in-person counselling. Contact psychologist Leanne Cater to find out which treatment option suits you.

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About Balanced Psychology and Counselling Northern Beaches

At Balanced Psychology, we believe that you and your concerns are unique and therefore tailor our assessments and interventions to suit your individual specific needs. Leanne Cater, is a fully registered Northern Beaches psychologist and has been registered with the Psychology Board of Australia since 2006. She is also a member of the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc (APPi), a governing body that is committed to maintaining the standard and reputation of the psychology discipline and profession in Australia. Over her career, Leanne has worked in numerous settings including hospitals, community mental health centres and within the correctional system.

Medicare rebates and Telehealth appointments are available.